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Welcome to the grand opening of the store

As I say in the About section of this store, this is a small business run by one person. I am in my mid 40s and I am new to running a business. I started this store because of A) beginning my search for financial freedom, as most people do, and B) to express myself.

You see, I had several big realizations that led me to start this store. One of them was that as an artist, I was not expressing myself and I have always loved drawing cartoony things since I was a kid. I had always known that I am at my peak creativity when I'm given a creative visual assignment. Most freelance jobs I've had were like this, but to be honest I was already making a decent living at a full time office job. So I spent my free time having fun instead of drawing.

Well, as any middle aged person can tell you, the body can only have so much fun so I decided to settle down. But what would I do? I finally came upon this store idea. When I thought "Hey, maybe I should open up an online store," I quickly realized I loved coming up with the product ideas and I love drawing those ideas out. This store is truly the expression of my creativity. I'm finally doing what I believe I was meant to do and this store is how I share that with the world.

I had several other revelations that brought me to open this store and they will be explored upon further blog posts!

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